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LTA-250, Line Throwing Apparatus Product Details
LTA-250, Line Throwing Apparatus Image

LTA-250, Line Throwing Apparatus
Manufacturer: Pains Wessex
Part Number: 50200
Self-contained rocket propelled linethrowing appliance.

A self-contained line-throwing appliance consisting of a plastic case with an end cap and 250m of line , an integral striker mechanism plus a rocket.  Fired by a twist grip and used for passing a 4mm dia. line from ship to ship and ship to shore or for rescuing a swimmer in distress. Ships typically have to carry 4 units to comply with SOLAS regulations.

Product Specification:

Projects a line to a nominal range of 250m in calm conditions.

  • Length: 330mm (13.0 ins)
  • Height: 313mm (12.3 ins)
  • Diameter: 205mm (8.1 ins)
  • Weight: 4.2 kg (9.5 lb)
  • Explosive content: 113 g (3.96 oz)
  • Line breaking strain: >2 kn

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