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3M Banded Hearing Protector Product Details
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3M Banded Hearing Protector
Part Number: 687
Great alternative for employees who need intermittent hearing protection.  3M Banded Hearing Protector 1310 features foam ear pads attached to a lightweight band. The unique flexible band maintains low pressure over a wide range of head sizes. Convenient for people who take hearing protectors off and on many times each day. Noise Reduction Rating: 21 dB (band worn behind head) and 20 dB (band worn under chin).  Unique, flexible band makes fitting easy and maintains low pressure over a wide range of head sizes.  Soft foam pads close the ear canal opening without being inserted into the ear.  Can be worn with band under-the-chin or behind-the-head Band can be reused many times for less waste.  Comfortable alternative to ear muffs and ear plugs.  3M Replacement Pads 1311(sold separately) are cost-effective and easy to replace.Capacity:
Pack: 50/case

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