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BH-10B Product Details
BH-10B Image
Designed and built in accordance with SOLAS 1974 and its amendments and INTERNATIONAL LIFESAVING APPLIANCE (LSA) CODE.  
Prototype test and production test are carried out according to IMO A.689(17) and its amendments.  
Tanker version and cargo version are available. Both of them are certified as combined lifeboat/rescue boat. 
Tanker version is equipped with emergency air system and water spray system. 
Emergency air system-five air cylinders, capacity: 45 liters, air pressure: 200 bars 
Water spray system-self-priming, seawater pump driven by a diesel engine 
GRP structure, all materials are approved by classification societies. The hull, inner hull and canopy are moulded individually. P.U. form is used as buoyancy material 
Approved by LR
Engine:BUKH DV36 
Starting system: electric-electric, electric--hand, electric-spring, electric-hydraulic 
Fittings/small parts: 316, 304, seawater resistant aluminum, bronze or hot dip galvanized steel 
Hand rails: 316, 304

Person Capacity SOLA 100
Person Capacity Gulf 80
Length 10.42m
Breadth 3.60m
Height 1.40
LOA 10.42m
BOA 3.60m
H 3.10m
Weight Unloaded Tanker 5328kg
Weight Loaded Tanker 11828kg
Hook BG-10
Hook Distance 8.70m
Color Exterior International Orange
Color Interior Light Gray

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