EEBDs - on board & shore based

Alexander Ryan's high skilled technicians have all the knowledge required in order to carry out full service and repairs of EEDBs of various manufacturers. A function test can be conducted at the same time of a service through a portable test kit.

It is significant to note that we work closely with the manufacturers, carrying a vast range of spares so that we can reduce any down time of the equipment.

We also conduct Hydro testing of cylinders.

Needless to say, all equipment is serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s service schedules and only original manufacturers spare parts are used.

Manufacturers’ Manuals are carried electronically for reference.

More specifically:

  1. EEBD Inspection
  2. Hydrotest for SCBA/EEBD/Air Cylinder
  3. Inspection of EEBD cylinder
  4. Internal Cleaning of EEBD, SCBA, MedOxygen Cylinder
Image Code Description
  70350 EEBD Inspection
  71238 Hydrotest for SCBA/EEBD/Air Cylinder
  72880 Inspection of EEBD cylinder
  72951 Internal Cleaning of EEBD, SCBA, MedOxygen Cylinder
ABS Approval
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