NEW IMO Signs Department!

LALIZAS | Alexander/Ryan Marine & Safety Houma, La. production facility continues to evolve. We can now produce in-house all the IMO signs that customers may need on demand including both design and selected material to meet all different requirements from clients.

Both quality and speed are achieved resulting in orders being produced within 1-2 working days.  A well selected inventory of commonly used IMO signs is being kept in stock, in order to serve the most urgent needs that may arise.

Our company produces the IMO signs with the strictest control and highest quality standards, under the ISO 9001 verification and product quality, to meet the standards set by international bodies.

Check out the IMO Signs: 

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LALIZAS Alexander/Ryan Marine & Safety will be attending the International Workboat Show 2021

With decades of experience, LALIZAS Alexander/Ryan Marine & Safety (ARMS) offers offshore safety solutions that have been developed through extensive industry experience and deep knowledge of regulations and standards.

These solutions will be presented at the maritime’s industry tradition, the International Workboat Show 2021 in New Orleans, from December 1-3.

Our team will be onsite, along with 700+ other exhibitors, to discuss & showcase the latest developments within the industry.

The International Workboat Show is a unique opportunity for all interested parties to come together, meet in person and discuss products & services as well as best practices.

LALIZAS Alexander/Ryan Marine & Safety (ARMS) will be at booth number 2423 with a complete range of LSA & FFE equipment; new offshore & coastal liferafts, liferaft equipment including HRU, as well as lifesaving lights, lifejackets (SOLAS/USCG) & work vests, fireman suit, hoses, and fire extinguishers will be showcased among many other products.  

Additionally, the Hydraulic Tunnel ThrusterCT 1000, by MAX POWER will also be displayed.

The attendees will have the chance also to discuss IMO signs, essential equipment onboard all vessels. LALIZAS Alexander/Ryan Marine & Safety will shortly commence local production of IMO signs.

The LALIZAS Alexander/Ryan team will discuss in person all the great opportunities that may arise following our successful business relocation in Houma; new premises of 10 acres that includes offices, warehouseliferaft & lifeboat station.  

Join us at booth 2423.

Our Customer’s Safety Is At The HEART Of Everything WE Do!

LALIZAS Alexander/Ryan Life Raft Service Center successfully passes USCG Inspection

We are excited to announce that our new Life Raft Service Center, located in Houma, La. just south of New Orleans, has successfully passed inspection by the USCG!

A team of more than fifteen USCG service men/women visited our new 10,000+ sq. ft facility to inspect it for regulatory compliance and to witness our knowledgeable team perform critical life raft servicing tasks.

It was a privilege to host the USCG representatives on site especially since many were young cadets in training. Our site/team managed not only to pass the inspection but also received very positive feedback by the USCG who found our facility to be a very valuable local asset for the cadets’ Life Raft safety training. Our new facility is located only a few miles from the Houma USCG Base.

They also expressed an interest in revisiting LALIZAS Alexander/Ryan’s premises on a regular basis for their young cadets to have a better understanding of both Life Raft & Life Boat safety.

Our maritime and offshore safety solutions have been developed through decades of industry experience. We are proud to share our experience with the USCG and other international organizations especially when it comes to the training of future maritime professionals.

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