Fire Extinguisher Wheeled, AFFF Foam 50L,Stored Pressure, w/Hose, Horn & Nozzle, SOLAS/MED

Wheeled fire extinguishers comply with high standards to ensure their extinguishing capability (fire rating) & reliability. Excellent quality assures unit’s long operational lifetime.
The cylinder is made of steel and equipped with welded frame. Ease of mobility is achieved as a result of the large wheels with solid rubber tyres and push bar also ensuring good stability during operation.
Valve & pressure gauge made of brass for endurance in marine environment.

Equipped with a highly flexible EPDM hose made of selected synthetic materials and complete with a pistol. 
The specially designed ergonomic patented foam nozzle ensures a steady flow of foam with a very low drop in pressure. Sealfire® - AFFF based foam, specially formulated for best sealing effects.
Available in 50L.

Image Code Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Capacity Extinguishing agent Body Fire Ratings Special Features Base Nozzle
[45492] Fire Extinguisher Wheeled,AFFF Foam, 50lt,Stored Pressure,w/Hose,Horn&Nozzle,SOLAS/MED (EN,FR,ES,PT) image 45492 80kg 1140X450X550 50L Foam Steel up to A IVB Brass valve & gauge Welded frame Flexible EPDM rubber 5m hose & ergonomic nozzle
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