Lamda, Inflatable Lifejacket, SOLAS

  • Certified according to MED 2014/90/EU and SOLAS requirements for ultimate safety while on board
  • Twin chambers as per SOLAS requirements
  • Available in 150N, 275N & 330N versions
  • Ideal for use on commercial vessels, offshore platforms and mega yachts (based on the product code you will choose)
  • Available in one adult size, which can be easily adjusted to passengers with chest size up to 175cm or more, with the use of the LALIZAS Waist Belt Extender (71161)
  • It is the only SOLAS lifejacket in its category with two stainless steel buckles, on the center and side of the waist harness, in order to be easily removed even inflated, when needed (72114 & 72115)
  • It features a crotch strap (72114 & 72115)
  • Certified according to the specifications of the HSE Compatibility Test Protocol for Lifejackets and Immersion suits on Offshore installations (72114 & 72115 - when combined with LALIZAS Immersion suit with rubber gloves)
  • Available with plastic zipper (711071 & 712162) on the lifejacket cover, covered with soft protective tape throughout its length to prevent injuries during activation
  • Exceptional wearer comfort through ergonomic pre-shaped shoulder area and soft neoprene material (codes with zipper)
  • With two automatic inflators with round puller (codes with zipper)

Image of activated lifejacket:


*Impa Code 330140,330141, 330142, 330166


Image Code Size Buoyancy (Nt) Activation Zipper Crotch Strap Sprayhood Plastic Buckle
[71107] LALIZAS Inflatable Lifejacket Lamda, Auto, 150N, SOLAS/MED image 71107 Adult 150N Automatic - - - -
[711071] LALIZAS Inflatable Lifejacket Lamda, Auto, 150N, w/ Zipper, SOLAS/MED image 711071 Adult 150N Automatic Yes - - -
  711072 Adult 150N Automatic - - - Yes
  711073 Adult 150N Automatic Yes - - Yes
[71216] LALIZAS Inflatable Lifejacket Lamda, Auto, 275N, SOLAS/MED image 71216 Adult 275N Automatic - - - -
[712162] LALIZAS Inflatable Lifejacket Lamda, Auto, 275N, w/ Zipper, SOLAS/MED image 712162 Adult 275N Automatic Yes Yes - -
  712163 Adult 275N Automatic - - - Yes
  712164 Adult 275N Automatic Yes - - Yes
[72114] LALIZAS Infl.Lifejacket Adv. Lamda, Auto, 330N, w/Crotch Strap, SOLAS/MED image 72114 Adult 330Ν Automatic - Yes - -
[72115] LALIZAS Infl.Lifejacket Adv.Lamda,Auto,330N,w/Sprayhood&Crotch Strap,SOLAS/MED image 72115 Adult 330Ν Automatic - Yes Yes -
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