Helmsman Lifeboat Interface (HLI)

Helmsman Lifeboat Interface (HLI) is a necessary and lifesaving tool for every lifeboat helmsman, providing step by step guidance to perform a safe launch and recovery of the lifeboat.

Lifeboat accidents are a result of not following preset procedures for proper operation. This occurs due to lack of training and/or memory lapse during times of stress. The HLI was developed by
LALIZAS I Alexander/Ryan Marine & Safety to provide a means of step by step operation for the helmsman by providing guidance on when to do the next step during a launch from the stowed position down to the water and also the proper steps necessary for safe recovery back to the stowed position. The HLI understands at which step of the launch/recovery the lifeboat is, and notifies the helmsman to proceed accordingly.

The HLI provides sufficient guidance and real time interaction between the helmsman and the interface to properly operate lifeboat systems through launch and recovery. It displays all the necessary texts and animated sequences to assist the helmsman during those critical moments.

Main functions:

  • Guidance throughout launch and recovery with clear and illustrative steps
  • Timely information to the helmsman as to the system status
  • Increase of understanding and confidence during lifeboat operations
  • Reduces risk of human error and thus accident
Image Code Description
[202111] Helmsman Lifeboat Interface (HLI) image 202111 Helmsman Lifeboat Interface (HLI)
[202112] Helmsman Lifeboat Interface (HLI), Advanced Version image 202112 Helmsman Lifeboat Interface (HLI), Advanced Version
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